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investment and commercial market in both countries

Regardless of size or experience, entering a new market for the first time presents an array of options and challenges. We understand the concerns of new joiners of investment and commercial market in both countries Vietnam and Netherlands and recognise the complexity around regulation and the interconnectivity between tax, legal and accounting. Our specialist Pathfinder connectors understand the processes involved, helping business leaders and investors to navigate the journey by connecting you with the right in -country expert in your desired area.

In allience with La Gro Geelkerken Law Firm in Netherlands and many law firms in Vietnam, our services include:

Assessing new market to enter and identifying potential targets or suppliers

Advising on the process from fact findings to implementation

Setting up the structure, operational activities and registering an address.

Licensing, contractual advice and on demand legal support, in cluding compliance guidance;

Practical guidance in relation to opening bank accounts, securing insurances, recruiting team and sourcing offices.

Key Benefits

A single point
of contact

A single point of contact, in both countries

Link to local
market experts

We link to
local market experts

Navigate the unknown

Navigate the unknown and share insights


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