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provides top-quality consulting service based on strong expertise

New Amsterdam Consult provides top-quality consulting service based on strong expertise, long-term experience and reliable networks in Vietnam and the Netherlands. Our consulting services focus on the following main themes:

Sustainable development

Water management, climate change adaptation


agriculture and trades

Joint scientific research

Joint scientific research and development projects

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Briefing Vietnam PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Mekong Delta Plan

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam and the Netherlands face similar issues. Centuries ago, people settled in deltas because of the fresh water and the fertile soil. Today, the agriculture that allowed for prosperous economies and population growth have become vulnerable; the delta is threatened by flooding, droughts, salination of water and soil. Via the Topsector, an organisational body, the Netherlands has the ambition to further boost innovations and develop solutions to major social issues in sector in which the Netherlands has a leading position. Four Topsectors: Horticulture & Starting Materials, Agri & Food, Water & Maritime, and Logistics; are joining forces to mobilise Dutch knowledge and business to support the agricultural transformation in the Mekong Delta.

Together with our partner Nextblue, New Amsterdam coordinated research, permits and production of the documentary film Me and Mekong. We portray lifes and the beautiful wisdom of the citizens of the mighty Mekong river and show how they are dealing with climate change impacts in creative ways.

Water for agriculture in peri-urban delta areas is vital to safeguard sustainable food production. Due to dynamics of urbanisation in deltas and climate change, water availability is becoming erratic and farmers cannot rely only on their own experience anymore to plan farming operations. The Waterapps project develop tailor made forecast information (weather and water) to support farmers in Accra, Ghana and Khulna, Bangladesh to improve their farming productivity.

Bangladesh is working hard to feed its increasing population as agricultural land diminishes. As well as facing threats posed by the climate crisis. How do local people deal with these challenges? And what can we learn from them? We visited some communities in different regions across the country to better understand their needs and discover what solutions they would like to see.

Together with a strong team of participants we have delivered 18 stories, short videos and one long-duration video about water and climate change in Bangladesh.

UDW magazine

Funded by the Urbanising Deltas of the World (Dutch Research Council), this project contributes to increase knowledge about river deltas worldwide and to contribute to water safety, food security, and to sustainable economic development in these areas.


EcoHost initiative works with rural entrepreneurs and local communities to improve their professional skills and businesses. Driven by needs of farmers in Vietnam in and near national parks, often ethnic minorities, aiming at a kind of support that will lead to structural impact and financial benefits. Aiming at peaceful co-existence of indigenous people and the interest of nature conservation and protection of valuable landscapes. The founding partners of EcoHost Foundation are continuously linking their extensive global networks to their project leads.


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