Internship, traineeship, exchange positions and more in Vietnam, Thailand and Bangladesh, with the possibility to also travel and experience a different culture. I Go Asia is a programme that helps BSc, MSc students and young professionals shape up their professional experiences in the best working environments in Asia, with a personal and friendly approach – the new Asian style.

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Making your experience in Asia Nourishing, Adventurous and Comfortable!

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New Amsterdam Consult (NAC) is a consulting firm operating in the Netherlands and Vietnam. We support and connect business partners between the Netherlands and Vietnam and beyond. Our services focus on trades, business development, administration, high-tech, science and education.


Gain professional skills overseas

At every step of the journey, we will offer you personal assistance and supporting tools for your career development. You will be working in an environment of professionals, experts and colleagues who are willing to share any experience or recommendation with you along the way. We will make sure your time abroad is a time well-spent and nourished with unforgettable experiences.

A worthwhile, engaging and memorable journey

In the NAC culture, we believe in gaining knowledge and practices abroad while also having a fantastic time. With the I Go Asia programme, you will be provided with travel tips and great offers to add to your to-do list. There is nothing quite like expanding your horizon by travelling and immersing yourself in a brand new country. Imagine the places you will visit, the people you will meet and the knowledge you will gain.

Experience and explore Asian culture to the fullest

When in Asia, you simply cannot miss out on its diversity of culture and cuisine. Seeing is believing, and what is better than getting acquainted with a new culture by learning from local people and exploring multiple heritage sites in the country. You will also be able to expand your variety of tastes with authentic local dishes which you have never tried before. Are you no longer hesitating? It is time to grab your backpack and go!

Go Asia

Bangladesh is a wonderful country enriched with religion and tradition. In Bangladesh, you will have a chance to admire the ancient beauty of Terracotta architecture, observe its performing arts such as the Jatra folk theatre and appreciate the well-made textile and embroidery of Bangladesh.

By traveling to Bangladesh, you can also have the opportunity to be at one of the most climate-vulnerable countries, along with learning from the resilience and diligence of its local residents.


Thailand is popular for its attractions and tourism industry in the region of South-East Asia. The country is also known for its agriculture and natural resources, being one of the largest rice exporters in the world.

When in Thailand, you will receive such a warm atmosphere with lovely people who make you feel at home. You can also gain some professional experiences with a trustworthy team of local experts.


Being a country with an economy in transition, Vietnam can offer you insights into its changing progress in many aspects. You will be surprised by the country’s hospitality and its welcoming citizens at every step of the journey.

In Vietnam, you will have the chance to embrace the local culture through visiting unique sightseeings and trying popular dishes at a very reasonable price. Vietnam is also known for its development in new innovations, especially in the agriculture and industrial sector. By coming to Vietnam, you can gain some eye-opening experiences in the country and work with its amazing people.


step 1 new
Intake with our expert and explore opportunities

Get to know and consult with our group of experts. Choose the most suitable country and exchange programme for the I Go Asia

step 2 new new
Design and settle the program

Discover suitable setting for an exchange program Supervision arrangement with NAC team Go through host selection and housing procedures Support for visa application and work permits Receive a travel package and check-list

Pre-departure preparation

Attend intercultural training Receive a package with basic language lessons Get in touch with a local buddy for the first week in Asia Note down contingency support: Housing, health, insurance etc. Cultural exchange sub-package: homestay at our Vietnam client homes (those who will be studying in NL with our service) receive extra travel or tour sub-package.

step 4 new new
1st week in Asia

Get in touch with the NAC office abroad Provide regular updates on exchange experiences Receive additional tips and advice in the country of destination

step 5 new new
Supervision & reporting

Work under the supervision of experts from NAC Provide report per month

step 6 new new
Wrap-up, certification and participation in I Go Asia network

Finish exchange programme in Asia Receive a certificate for the exchange experience Participation in the I Go Asia network


We will offer an indicative price for the whole package after the first intake. Based on your wishes, we will connect you to the right hosting institutions (university, NGO, company, governmental bodies). Our in-country coordinator liaises with the host, and arranges all practicalities

Contact us for a free consultation session to explore the possibilities
€600 - €1200

Contact our Expert

long@newamsterdamconsult.com T: (+31) 622462599